The Oscar nominations were announced last week. While there are some clear favorites (Viola Davis) and some more up in the air (Denzel or Casey), I’m ready to make a call in the Best Actress race. No, not 2016’s race but one in the near future. You see I believe Amy Adams will win an Oscar the next time she is in an Oscar-bait picture.

Scanning Amy Adam’s IMBD Page, she’s got Dawn of Justice in 2017 and an Enchanted Sequel in 2018. Neither count as Oscar-bait prestige films although playing Giselle again might snag her another Golden Globe nom.

Whenever that day comes when she plays a woman with a crippling disease, a historical figure in a transformative role or just a woman going through a lot of shit, the Oscar shall be hers.

At this point in her career, Adams seems destined  to win an an Oscar the same way that other red head won. In 2014, Julianne Moore starred in Still Alice, a small film that did not make waves at the box office, was well-received but not loved, and ultimately had one Oscar nomination, Julianne’s. Julianne played a woman suffering from a crippling disease, early Alzheimer’s. The academy decided the performance was good enough so she blazed through the awards season to finally snagg that elusive golden man.

Eventually the academy got around to Julianne so eventually Adams will get the win. Right? Well ask Peter O’Toole (8 nominations), Richard Burton (7), Deborah Kerr (6) and Thelma Ritter (6) how it felt when their turn finally came…oh wait. Not to mention Amy Adams still has to fight with Glenn Close (6) and Annette Bening (4) for that  long-deserved “finally it’s mine, my precious” Oscar.

Amy Adams had no chance of winning the Oscar this time around. Being a six-time loser instead of a five-time loser might be enough fuel to light a flame under the academy’s asses, but what’s even better than being a loser? The ultimate Oscar Snub.

By far Amy Adams’ snub was the most talked about one after the nominations were announced. (I’d argue John Goodman’s performance in 10 Cloverfield Lane being completely dismissed by this awards season is the most egregious snub, but I’ll save that rant for another day.) Amy Adams had been nominated in all the precursor awards, her film got 8 nominations including Best Picture, and is killing at the box office. What more is a girl to do?

Not saying the other actresses don’t deserve their nominations because at the end of the day this is all subjective shit so no one can be right or wrong. Natalie, Isabelle, and Emma were shoo-ins. Meryl got in because people adored her Golden Globes performance more so than the actual cinematic performance. Ruth Negga was a bit of a surprise. Originally Loving was thought to be a main contender this Oscars season, but Negga is the only nomination so good for her.

You can’t say that any actress stole Amy Adams spot but somehow her absence feels wrong. And it was the academy that wronged her so they must make it up to her. Being nominated and then losing was expected of her this year. No harm no foul. By being snubbed Amy Adams can say “hey remember 2016, yea you owe me.”

If she can star in an Oscar-bait movie within the next few years the academy will remember that they must follow the Lannister’s motto and pay their debts. Hell, if she can just have a somewhat flashy small role in any decent non franchise film, the supporting actress award could be hers.  I hope Amy still popped Champaign on nominations morning. By being the queen of Oscar snubs in 2016, she’ll have the necessary momentum to finally pull off the win the next time she’s in contention.