As of this writing, STX Entertainment’s Space Between Us is sitting at a ghastly 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. This movie is no Suicide Squad so solid reviews is a must to make a dent in the box office. Box Office Mojo estimates the weekend box office to be 6.2 million. The chance of it having legs to reach the 30 million budget is as likely as me making a trip to Mars. It’s a loss for all involved and continues would-be “It Girl” Britt Robertson’s string of losses.


In 2011 Britt got a big break playing Marnie Cooper, one of the victims in the opening killing sequence of Scream 4. For the record, I’m obsessed with the Scream series. Would have liked Scream 4 a lot more if they had the balls to end the movie 5 minutes earlier. Critics didn’t like any minute of the movie. Box Office Results at 38.2 million domestic against 40 million box office forced the franchise to turn to television.

Vince Vaughn’s 2013 comedy-drama Delivery Man scored 39% on RT and did $50 million against $26 million. Then in 2014 there was Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar pursuit, Cake. Her performance was the main source of any praise given to the film. Box office wise it did not recuperate its budget.

2015 had hoped to be a big year. She starred alongside George Clooney in Brad Bird’s passion project Tomorrowland. The big May release received ok reviews and accumulated $200 worldwide against $190 worldwide. Thank Tomorrowland’s failure for getting a sequel to the Incredibles. Then her romantic film The Longest Ride that paired her with Scott Eastwood (Wildest Dreams dude) got below average reviews for a Nicholas Sparks movie. The film didn’t double its budget.

2016 saw Valentine’s Day: 7% RT, $44 million against $25 million budget. Mr. Church was Eddie Murphy’s attempt at an Oscar but people didn’t like the whole “black man spends life serving white privileged girl” plot.

Now here we are at 2017. Space Between Us is a soon to be bust. Her other 2017 film, A Dog’s Purpose, premiered a week ago. It’s doing fine at the box office, nothing to write home about, and the reviews are no Marley and Me.

There were some other lower profile films that I didn’t mention. Next up for her is starring in a new Netflix show Girlboss. I hope it’s successful. This post was not meant to shame the poor actress. I feel bad for the girl who can’t seem to be in a successful movie.

Britt Robertson reminds me of Stephenie LaGrossa star of Survivor Palau. For those who could care less about Survivor, let me remind you of Steph’s tragic first attempt at Survivor. In 2005 Stephenie LaGrossa was selected to be on the Ulong tribe. Ulong is one of the most infamous tribes in Survivor history because Ulong attended every tribal council. The folks just didn’t know how to win a challenge. Stephenie herself was a strong competitor, but her team fucked up every challenge. Steph became the lone survivor of her tribe.

Britt Robertson has been stuck on losing tribes. Here’s to Girlboss turning the losing streak around.